Why “The Child”

An Inclusive Therapy Program

The Child Campus
The Child Campus

Who are we?

“The Child” is a School readiness and Inclusive Therapy Program for Kids. We specialize in creating an inclusive environment where Kids get much-needed healing and Therapeutic support to get ready for normal Life activities. With a thoroughly trained and professional staff, we give
individual attention to every kid so that he/she can overcome physical and Intellectual disabilities and start leading a normal life. The Child’s promoters come with an in-depth understanding and experience of Paediatric Neurology, Occupational and Physical therapy along with Management and Process expertise. Since its inception “The Child”
has become a favored destination for kids and parent looking for support and advice.


The Child is present at multiple locations in Delhi NCR. We are creating a network of Clinics Pan India so that we can reach out to maximum kids at the earliest possible. Our Centers are equipped with the latest resources in occupational, physical and Speech Therapy. These specialized centers are designed with the professional expertise of The Smile clinic in New York. Equipment and kits used at “The Child” are comparable to the best in
the Industry. Our Assessment technique has been highly appreciated by the professionals and is highly regarded as one of the benchmarks to assess child development status. Highly customised courses are designed by some of the best professionals in the Therapy Domain.

Services Offered

With a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals we offer specialised modules in the following domains:
Special Education Yoga Therapy
Physiotherapy Pre School
Occupational Therapy Vocational Training
Speech and Language Therapy
Applied Behaviour Analysis ( ABA)
Music Therapy

Customized Services

We understand that every Child walking through our gates is very unique and hence everyone is offered a customized plan and service delivery based on individual needs. A team of professionals keeps a watch on the progress and the plan is upgraded or changed based on the progress report. As a Parent, you are part of the plan devised for your kid and you get to see and
experience the progression of your kid. The protocols undertaken at our centers have evolved over years of experience and regarded as the best in the Industry..

“The Child” Approach

We at “The Child” believe that miracles happen through persistence and hard work. Our team is committed to provide every kid a soothing touch and enable him to stand independently. We go the extra mile to devise solutions and systems for all our users. To make sure that underprivileged
kids are not left out we support them through our “Sponsor a kid” program. Anyone interested to be part of this program can get in touch with us.

How to design a bedroom for special kids?

Bedroom is a place where one leaves all his worries and relax to rejuvenate for the next day. If it is a kid’s bedroom then we need to take care of aspects of child that it should be colorful ,joyous and can fulfill all the requirement of them. But in case of Special kids we need to take care of few things.

For kids with autism we need to keep in mind there special needs while designing the room. They need to be differ from the normal kids room as lots of color,lighting and texture will make them feel scattered. Some Pro tips while designing their room are:

Use heavy curtains instead of sheer curtains to control the lighting fluctuation.

The bed’s height should be considered low, in case they fall from the bed, the damage would not happen. Best would be using platform beds.

Have ample amount of low shelves for putting toys and other necessary things. It will reduce climbing and frustration of reaching out to things put on height.

Have bin bags, soft toys, and DIY toys to comfortably unleash their creativity.

Furniture should be preferably wall mounted, wall bolted and heavy furniture and fixtures to reduce falls.

The surface should not harden one.

In the upbringing side keep in mind as soon as kids start growing and ask for arrangement according to their comfort ,make changes and make them practice to keep their room by their own.

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Remember, your Child’s bedrooms should be the place where they can reduce the stress and frustration which they are facing otherwise, they should feel comfortable in that environment. If all these things are kept in mind we can definitely create heaven for our kids.