We come to the The Child as parents who were seeking expert advice & guidance for our child. It has been 1.5 year with 'The Child' & our daughter has changed completely. The teachers patience, guidance has helped her to improve a lot & do her things on her own & behave as normal as any normal kid.


When we came with kian to Geetanjali (OT THERAPIST), He had lot of sensory issues, No Speech, No Language understanding, No Pointing for needs, Lots of running without reason & very poor name call response but we are thouroughly satisfied & happy by the way our child is progressing here. He points for his need, He started following commands, He responds to his name & no running around anymore. We are really thankfull to the child specially Geetanjali for thier amazing efforts & handwork on our son. Thanks a lot.

Hemant & Monika

We have been continuing my Son's therapy in THE CHILD from part 10 months now & observed significant changes in him. THE CHILD have the appropriate infra & stuff to treat childs with special needs. This is the best center available in NCR. all the childs are getting proper intervention which helps the to recover soon. The child also provides guidance to parents, so that they can aware of the current situation with their kids & can take care of the kids better at home.

Subhamoy Dutta

The Child is a comprehensive one stop facility for any child ith special needs. It provides for kids with all varieties of needs & requirements. These may be pure physical, neurological & mental special needs. The Child is result of tireless & selfless efforts of Dr Himanshu Khurana ho has worked for more than two decades to scale up efforts to have a one stop centre for any special child. The Child provides to all segments of society because Dr Khurana believes that special needs don't choose social classes. There are kids who can't afford fancy schools come here whole day. There are all aspects of therapy & special needs. Be it Occupational therapy, physical therapy or Special education needs with all research driven faculty. Here you will find enthusiastic team who tend to a child personally. The campus is large, with ample space, lawn for tiny tots & well ventilated, well lit rooms where kids feel at home. The therapy resources are conviniently & comfortably located in well designedrooms. The safety of kids is paramount to the team.
The team provides individualised classes, group sessions at therapy wise designated centres. Special mention to Maneesh Maletha sir who had been instrumental in helping our son course through the pandemic & his struggle.

Vikram Shah Batra

It has beeb around 2.5 to 3 years since Riaana has joined 'THE CHILD'. We have observed significant changes in her speech & behaviour. Apart from regular therapy the teacher connect with the children on personal level, & provide a friendly environment to the child. Overall our experience with the centre has been good.

Riaana Singh

I am very raploy with sepcial education therapist. She is very hard working, detail oriented & good for special kids.
Founder is also very keep to improve centre's service. Mr. Khurana listers to parents carefully & try to improve services.