Founded by members from IIT-Delhi along with pediatricians, psychologists & BCBAs from USA & India, CogniAble is an award-winning solution for children with neurodevelopmental disorders. CogniAble offers ABA integrated early detection and intervention through:

  • Home based services (In selected cities & towns across India) – ABA therapists conduct one-on-one sessions at the child’s home with supervision by BCBAs
  • Center based services (In selected cities & towns across India) – Therapists deployed in different centers provide intervention services
  • Online services (All locations across India) – Remote intervention & parent training with assistance from the CogniAble app

CogniAble App

CogniAble’s AI-driven digital platform provides end-to-end ABA integrated solutions for early detection and affordable intervention of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) among children – Assessments, in-built curriculums, automated reports, tutorials and much, much more. It is available on mobile app and web access platform via 3 different types of user accounts for parents, individual clinicians, and relevant organizations.