The Child | Inclusive Place for Education & Therepy
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To provide inclusive education and early intervention to nurture & achieve the best potential of ‘The child’.


To be a professional organisation in training and research of therapeutic care and education in the formative years of ‘The Child’.

School for all

Early Intervention Services

we facilitate age appropriate development through an evidence-based customized program by an expert resource.

Preschool and Daycare services

We are a learning space with an expertise of enhancing the imbibed qualities of The Child in a play based and friendly environment.

After school Club

Productive engagement of The Child after traditional school hours to boost academic performance, promote physical health and provide a safe structured environment for the children of working parents.

Sports & activities

Skating , Badminton , Basketball , Carom board , Dance & music , Pottery , Martial art , Art and craft , Chess etc.

Therapy and Treatment

Physiotherapy , Occupational therapy , Sensory integration , Speech and language therapy,Special education , Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Therapy , Music Therapy , Vocational Training

Training and Research

Internship , Training and workshop for schools , therapists and parents etc.

The gallery



We provide year-round full and part-time education

News & Events